Our Mission
Chemical Flacer aims to provide a service that is efficient and that it helps to grow a society in a socially and economically sustainable way.
The explanation of business success consists of constructive and focused customer collaboration, which includes consulting, tutoring, and product development participation. All this is possible thanks to the close collaboration of Chemical Flacer with test centers and raw material manufacturers as well as the application of their own experiences and understanding of the markets, trends and behavior of consumers.



The main objectives of our policy are as follows:

  • Meet our customers by providing them with proven quality products;
  • Keep track of the market constantly to keep up-to-date and be able to make good use of the times, opportunities and opportunities that research offers us;
  • Be timely in meeting customer expectations without penalizing the quality of service, so that whenever we know we will seriously surprise our customer we will have a concrete experience of quality improvement;
  • Provide concrete support to the needs of our Customers by completing the provision of the product with adequate assistance and advice;
  • Pay particular attention to the quality / cost ratio of the products offered, avoiding any form of waste related to the actual needs and expectations of Customers;
  • Promote products made with recycled materials;
  • Improve energy saving by promoting energy efficiency efficiently, causing minimal environmental damage to production, distribution, use and disposal, provided price and quality requirements are met.
  • Improve the quality of life.